• David Norris Testimonial

    Senator David Norris

    William Lawless is one of the great craftmen living in Dublin and its a joy to have him living in our society. I think it would be a tragedy in years to come not to have someone of his ability available - otherwise the clocks would literaly stop all over Dublin

    → Senator David Norris

  • David Norris Testimonial

    McDowells jewellers - Dublin

    We have been a client of Bills for the past 25 years. His workmanship, attention to detail and friendly personal service is excellent. I would definitely reccomend Bill to anybody who has a clock in need of repair. They are sure to be as impressed as we are.

    → Andrew - McDowells

  • Brereton Jewellers

    Brereton Jewellers

    We have worked with Billy Lawless for over 30 years and are extremely happy with the quality of work and value for money which he provides. It is difficult to find someone of his expertise and experience - we highly recommend him for clock servicing and repairs.

    → Paul Brereton John Brereton Jewellers

  • Brereton Jewellers

    Anthonys Antiques

    For the past 25 years I have been and still am a client of Bill Lawless. Not only has his work been expertly done, but the service is friendly and very personal . I really appreciated the steady flow of information keeping me informed on progress .

    → Jeff Dell - Anthonys Antiques

  • bill repairing clock

    Mary Butler

    My mother left me this 1930's clock which used to belong to my grandfather. It hadn't worked for years. I never really thought it would work again - and yet I knew I could never throw it out. It probably hadn't been serviced for about 40 years. A friend told me about William Lawless so I brought the clock to him - and one week and 50 euro later, it's working perfectly on my mantelpiece, and the sound of those chimes take me right back to my grandmother's house.

    → Mary Butler- Dun Laoghaire Dublin